Working On Tasks Using The Trog Bar

Trog has a number of lists to help you do the tasks in your task list in the right order, so you focus on doing your work instead of organizing it.

Much of the power of Trog Bar lies in its TaskSense technology. TaskSense helps present your tasks intuitively, in the order you want to work on them, when you want to work on them. This technology is at work in nearly all of Trog’s lists. The results are particularly helpful if you have your strategic calendar option set up in the Trog Bar. If you haven’t set up a strategic calendar, schedule time to do it soon (see “Your Strategic Calendar”).

In all Trog Bar lists, everything you planned for today will be in bold.

TaskSense Now. This list presents the tasks most pertinent to the current time, in an order that focuses you on the most important things first. Your entire calendar, strategic calendar, and task history is taken into account. You don’t have to sift through a long list of tasks, trying to decide what to do. Because Trog sorts your tasks so effectively, you may only need to worry about the top few items.

Today. This list shows only the things you scheduled to be done today, in TaskSense order.

Categorized Tasks. As you approach the time to complete tasks in a specific context, TaskSense starts to push those items to the top of your list. This requires you to categorize your appointments properly and/or set up a strategic calendar. See Your Strategic Calendar.

Alternatively, you may change your task view to show only the context you are working on. Click the long Task List Selection button, hover over Categories and select the context you want to focus on. You may also right-click on a time or appointment and only show tasks relating to it.

If a person interrupts you in person or by phone, open your 1-1 context with their name and discuss any other items you have for them. This saves you time and an additional interruption later.

Grouped Views. In the Today view, or if you click the “Group” button, your tasks may appear grouped by context. This gives you and Trog some flexibility in choosing tasks at times when no single context clearly applies (e.g., late at night). Open the context that matches what you are focusing on at the moment (e.g., Errand” during errands time; (Work) for general work items during work time). These lists will be sorted by TaskSense with the most important items on top.

Information Window and Outlook Task Window. When you begin working on a task, open it in Trog Bar. The task information window will pop out. You can work from here. Use the space in the window to hold information and ideas about the task or project and record your progress. You can also click the “Open” button and the Outlook task window will appear. “Bookmark” your place if you get interrupted by entering whatever was on your mind. This allows you to keep all information about a project in one place.