Can’t See All Your Tags?

If you are missing tabs (rows on the left) for any of your Toodledo contexts, you probably need to scroll down the page. If that doesn’t help, set up your master contexts list.

Most TRO views are built-in with Toodledo, so you only need to learn where they are. A couple of TRO views require a little setup; these are described in the table below.

Select TRO views by 1) clicking a heading (tab) in the left menu, and then 2) clicking the correct option below it. For example, to see the Do Today list, click Main, Starred.

Here is the complete list of Toodledo menu headings (tabs) and the options that matter for TRO. Use this to get acquainted with the different views. Throughout the training, when you see a green underlined view name (like Someday/Maybe list), click it to be reminded :

Toodledo Menu and Navigation Options

  • Main heading (left tab):
    • Starred = Do Today list
    • Hotlist = TRO hotlist
    • Recently Modified = Recent list
  • Context heading (left tab):
    • (Major Context Name) = Major context list
  • Priority heading (left tab):
    • -1 Negative = Someday/Maybe list
  • Tag heading (left tab):
    • Meeting Context Name = Meeting context list
    • 1-1 Context Name = 1-1 context list
    • Action Context Name = Action context list
  • Search heading (left tab) (setup is required first; click for instructions):
    • Unprocessed = Unprocessed Tasks list
    • Weekly Review = Weekly Review list