The Hard Date field must be a date, it must be optional, and it must somehow force you to pay attention to the task if it has slipped to that point. The task must actually move to the Do Today list (with or without user help) when the hard date arrives.

Possible Hard Date options are:

  • Due Date. This is usually a good option, since most task lists automatically move items to the top of the list (or into the Do Today list) when the Due Date arrives. However, if the Due Date is ever required (e.g., when when you enter a Start Date) then Due Date cannot be used.
  • Reminder Date (with Reminder Alarm). The Reminder Date is the hard date. (On the hard date, the alarm tells you to move the task manually to the Do Today list if the software does not do it automatically.)
  • Other dates are possible if they meet the requirements above.