Nitrodesk Touchdown: Syncs Outlook To Android via Exchange Server

TouchDown by Nitrodesk is one of the best Outlook apps for Android, and one of the few apps capable of true TRO on your Android. In order to use TouchDown, you must be using Outlook with Exchange Server.

The information necessary to set up TouchDown is technical and difficult to find. Unfortunately, every Exchange Server hosting company hides this information in a different place. It will be necessary for you to contact them or your IT department for help in finding this information.

  1. Contact your IT department or Exchange host and ask for help locating your Username, Domain, and Server information.
    • Username will look horrific, like this: yourcompanyI.yournameM1547Z2CY
    • Domain will be something like this: MAIL (in all-caps)
    • Server will be a web address, like this:
  2. In the Android Market on your phone, download and install the free TouchDown application for your version of the Android (2.x for most people). Do not install the product key.
  3. Start the program on your phone and click Configure.
  4. Enter your Exchange email address and the password you use to access that email address.
  5. Enter your Username (ex: yourcompanyI.yournameM1547Z2CY); Domain (ex: MAIL); and Server (ex: Click Next.
  6. Select Don’t Know for SSL.
  7. Continue to click Next until configuration is complete.
  8. You should see a screen which says Configuration Progress: SUCCESS. If you do get to this screen contact your IT department or Exchange Server host.
  9. Touch Close to exit the configuration screen.

Touchdown will automatically begin to synchronize Outlook to your Android. While that is happening, go to the Settings and select the Advanced tab. Set the following settings for TRO:

  • Check email frequency: As items arrive
  • Appointments to synchronize: All
  • Notify on new mail: uncheck (you do not want email notifications)
  • Enable appointment reminders: Checked
  • Update contact changes to phone: checked
  • Scroll down and press the Reminders button. Select No Repeat Reminders and click OK.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the settings screen and click Save.

TouchDown will automatically synchronize over the Internet, so you never need to do a USB sync with Outlook.

Be sure to click Save at the bottom of the page to keep your new settings

You have 30 days to evaluate TouchDown. When you are certain that it works, that you like it, and that you are willing to pay about $20 (US) to use it, go to the Android Market and purchase the TouchDown Product Key. If you do not purchase the product key, you will be unable to use TouchDown after the 30 day trial ends.

DejaOffice: Syncs Outlook To Android (Desktop Sync using CompanionLink)

To sync Android with Outlook without using Exchange Server, you will need DejaOffice on your Android and CompanioinLink on your computer. You can use these programs to sync tasks either by USB connection or through your local wifi connection. We recommend using the 14 day free trial before purchasing.

Setting up CompanionLink happens in two parts. First, download and install CompanionLink on your computer:

  1. Go to and click the 14-Day Evaluation link under the Outlook header. Follow the download links until your download begins.
  2. Run the download (clo40setup.exe) to install CompanionLink.
  3. Run CompanionLink Synchronize. When it asks for your sync target, choose Android Via USB.
    Note: We strongly recommend USB synchronization, as it is the simplest solution.
  4. Choose Outlook 2000-2010 as your second option.
  5. Click on the Outlook Settings button. Click the Outlook Folders tab and wait. It may take a few moments to load the folders from Outlook.
  6. Once the tab is open, check all the boxes that say “include sub-folders”.
  7. Click on the Applications tab and choose whether to sync contacs, calendars, and notes.
    Note: If your calendar and contacts do not already sync to your Android phone, you may want to synchronize them now.
  8. Still on the Applications tab, choose the bottom option, “Records deleted in both Android and Outlook…”
  9. Click OK to save your settings. CompanionLink setup is complete.

The second half of the synchronization setup happens on your Android device:

  1. Find DejaOffice in the Android Market and install it.
  2. If you are using an Android Tablet, go to Settings and choose General Settings. Select your preferred tablet settng.
  3. Go to Settings and tap Sync. Choose the sync method you selected when setting up CompanionLink (probably USB).
  4. Go back to the main page in DejaOffice and select Setup Wizard at the bottom.
  5. Follow directions on each screen, as some of the information may be specific for your phone. You may also choose to add a Sync or Tasks button to your phone’s home page.

Once DejaOffice and CompanionLink are both installed, connect your USB and click the Sync button in either program to begin synchronizing your Outlook tasks.