First Check Your Phone

Smartphones vary widely: some cannot synchronize tasks, or they restrict the number of task categories. See our recommendations for evaluating or choosing your mobile device.

Install and Configure

If your phone has a TRO-capable app, install it.

Mobile apps don’t usually do everything. That may be OK—when you work on the road, it’s usually just collecting and working off lists. However, look for an app that supports most or all of the important TRO lists for mobile devices. Configure the app to match the TRO setup of your online or desktop task list as closely as possible. Consider fields, layout, sorting, fields, and default views.

Without Your Phone

If necessary, you can do TRO without a syncing smartphone. If you ever work away from your desk, print out your Do Today list, make notes on it, and process the changes each day. Some people love this. Look for a task list that has a tolerable print format.

You can also use your mobile calendar to see a mobile Do Today list away from the office.