To Use the Built-in Outlook Mobile Task Manager

Make sure your Tasks list is easily accessible on your Windows Mobile phone:

  • Click the Windows Start button. If Tasks does not appear in the list:
    • Select Settings.
    • Select Menus.
    • Uncheck items you do not need.
    • Check Tasks.
    • Press or tap OK to save.
    • You can now see your tasks by pressing Windows Start and selecting Tasks.

No special setup is needed to make your Windows Mobile device work with Outlook or Entourage. You will see special instructions for viewing and managing lists (like the Do Today list and Someday/Maybe list) as you need it in the training.

Do Not Use “Projects”

Do not use the Agenda Fusion 8 “Projects” feature. That data will not sync back to your desktop and yuor lists will be in disarray there.

To Use Agenda Fusion 8

Install Agenda Fusion 8. Go to to get the app.

Configure Agenda Fusion 8 for your TRO system by doing the following:

  • Turn on the Quick Entry Bar. Tap the double arrowed icon at the bottom of the screen and select Entry Bar from the menu. The entry bar now appears at the top of your list.
  • Turn of tasks in calendar. You don’t want to see tasks in your calendar. Open the setting menu through the Agenda Fusion icon at the bottom, select Customize View, choose Calendar Tasks, and change the following: Display Active Tasks (No), Display Undated Tasks (No), Display Overdue Tasks (No), and Display Completed Tasks (No).
  • Sort tasks. Tap the A-Z icon at the bottom, then choose: First Sort (Priority), Second Sort (Due Date), Third Sort (Subject).
  • Group tasks. (As needed.) To group tasks by category, tap the icon with the checkmarks and select categories. All tasks will now be grouped together according to category. You can expand and collapse all of them together by pressing the nested icon to the left of the Sort by button.