In TRO, major contexts usually have names in parentheses: (Work), (Personal), (Family). This makes them stand out at the top of your master context list, so you are reminded to always assign them when processing. Use short, simple names.

Major contexts can be tracked in:

  • A category, context, or tag field that lets you select many values at once for the same task, or
  • A separate context, tag, folder, or list field that only accepts one value at a time. This field must be separate from any fields used for meeting contexts, 1-1 contexts, or action contexts.

Make sure your context views work for all active tasks regardless of other ways you may classify your tasks. For example, if you create (Work) and (Personal) folders, but this prevents you from seeing (Work) and (Personal) tasks in the Errands view, then you cannot use the folders feature.