Meeting agendas appear in the Categories list. Click the large task selector button in the middle of Trog Bar, hover over Categories, and select the +Meeting list you need. Those tasks are your agenda.

TaskSense and Meeting Agendas

In TaskSense Now, Trog may display the agenda for a meeting as the meeting time approaches. Simply go down the list from top to bottom. It should already be prioritized.

During a meeting, TaskSense may show you agenda items and non-agenda items that may be related. To see only agenda items for that meeting, click the Previous or Next buttons (“previous time slot” or “next time slot”). The list changes to only agenda items.

To preview items for an upcoming meeting, click the Next button until the agenda appears. If a meeting runs over, tell TaskSense to keep the current agenda active by clicking the Previous button to lock the view to that time slot.

Agenda Category Rule

You can’t really work on agenda items outside of meetings, so it can be annoying to see them in your lists. Trog can hide these tasks until the right time. To use this feature, go to Trog Bar options (click [+] near the upper right corner), click the Categories & Contacts tab, and find Agenda Category Rule. Enter the character you use to start meeting contexts (usually +) followed by an asterisk (*). Save the change. Agenda items are hidden until the right time or until you pull up that meeting context list, even if the task is assigned to other contexts.