The task reminders which appear in your notification bar are your mobile hotlist. To see the list, touch the notification bar at the top of your Android screen and drag your finger downward. This opens your notification list. Click the icon for DejaOffice or Touchdown, depending on which task program you are using.

Nitrodesk Touchdown

To do a daily review on your Android, go through each task reminder in your notification menu one at a time. Open the reminder and click the writing-clipboard icon to edit the task. Uncheck the reminder and increase the Importance (Priority in Outlook) to High. Do this for all task reminders in the notification bar.

Deja Office (with CompanionLink)

Task reminders appear in your notification bar one at a time. The next reminder will not appear until you clear the first one. To do a daily review on your Android, open the first reminder. Touch the task name and hold your finger there until a menu appears. Select Edit. Set to High priority. Save your changes and dismiss the reminder. Wait for the next task reminder to appear. Repeat this process until all reminders have been cleared.