Your Daily Review Smart List is your mobile hotlist. To see it, open the RTM app on your Android or go to the Remember the Milk mobile portal at, choose the list named Daily Review. You should have already created this list.

To go through your hotlist during daily review:

Postpone a Task One Day

In RTM, you can postpone a task for one day by tapping the Postpone button while editing the task.

  1. Press Menu and select Views, Lists.
  2. Tap Daily Review.
  3. Look at each item in the list.
  4. If you will do the task today (“Must Do” to avoid bad things), flag it as Do Today. (Tap it, tap Edit, set Due Date to “today”, tap Update Task.)
  5. If you will not do it today, and if it has a hard date (Due Date, listed afterwards), reschedule the Due Date. (Tap it, tap Edit, set Due Date to “today”, tap Set.)