Add-On Recommended

The native task list for non-Windows Mobile Palm handhelds is seriously limited. Consider a new phone, or maybe add-on software. See Choosing Your Smartphone for more information.

If You Are Using Add-On Software

If you are using add-on software for your Palm, try to create a custom hotlist and use it each time you need the hotlist.

If You Are Using the Built-In Task List

If you are using the built-in Palm Task list, or if you can’t save a custom view, you’ll need to select the hotlist each time:

  • Tasks by Due Date (select that option at top right). This shows your tasks in smart date order.
  • Priority 1 tasks (Do Today) are interspersed in your list.

Your tasks now appear in soft date order at the top of your task list, with Do Today items (Priority 1) and Someday/Maybe items (lowest priority) interspersed.

How to Use the Hotlist in Daily Review

  1. Skim down the entire list until you reach today’s date.
  2. Look only at titles. Skip tasks with exclamation points next to them (since you are already doing those today).
  3. When you see a task that really needs to be done today, edit it and set to Priority 1 (Do Today).