Choose a Mobile Hotlist Method

Try to Match Your Desktop

Use mobile options that match your desktop TRO approach as closely as possible. You want your methods to work well in both places.

Your mobile hotlist should show pretty much the same tasks as your regular hotlist, but it doesn’t have to be exact. Use a similar method if it is available on your handheld:

  • Hotlist or “Hot” list. Some mobile task managers have an official hotlist, and some of these can be configured. An ideal hotlist shows you tasks coming due (hard dates) in the next 3 to 5 days, plus all items that are already marked as Do Today. The list should contain only tasks with hard dates.
  • Custom list. Create a custom mobile view that mimics the Hotlist option just above, and name it “Hotlist”.
  • Due Soon. If you use the Due Date as your hard date, the Due Soon is an excellent hotlist.
  • Reminders for Hard Dates. Your mobile task reminder list becomes your hotlist. Set the default reminder time (usually on your PC app) to early in the morning before your daily review. For each task reminder each morning, flag it as Do Today and dismiss the reminder if you will do it today, or reschedule the task and reminder if you will do it later. (Reminders usually appear separately on each device. Just dismiss duplicates.)
  • Sort by hard date. You can sort your tasks by hard date, with past due hard dates at the top.
  • None. If tasks automatically appear on your Do Today list, a hotlist is optional.

Experiment with your handheld until you know how to set up and use your mobile hotlist.