Here are the steps for your monthly review:

  1. Review your Someday/Maybe list:
    1. Skim the list, looking for anything you might want to move out of Someday/Maybe. Schedule those items into the coming month (soft dates or hard dates).
    2. Delete any tasks that you no longer care about or which have expired.
  2. (Quarterly) Reassess where you are spending your time:
    1. Open your strategic calendar.
    2. Get out the time budget worksheets that you used to establish your strategic calendar (see Creating a Strategic Calendar and Goals and Values).
    3. Are you accomplishing all crucial tasks in your Most Profitable Activities? If needed, adjust the amount of time you allocate to those areas.
    4. Are you moving toward your long-term goals? What changes do you need to make to keep moving forward?
    5. What problems do you see with how you have been scheduling your time? Alter your strategic calendar to reflect any changes you need to make.