Ordering your daily tasks is optional, so you need to look for a feature or field that is not already used for hard dates, soft dates, task reminders, Do Today, Someday/Maybe, and contexts.

No matter which method you use, make sure you can sort the list in daily order from top to bottom. Typical options are:

  • Priority. Highest priority means “do this first today.”
  • Star or Flag. Star or flag means “do this first today.” All other Do Today items are done afterwards. You can even star or flag them a second or third time when the first group is done.
  • Drag to reorder. Dragging and dropping is a nice feature. Make sure it only affects the Do Today list.
  • Renaming the task. If your task list sorts alphabetically, you can rename Do Today tasks to start with an asterisk (*) or other special character to move it to the top of the list.
  • Create task appointments in your calendar. If all else fails, add loose appointments in your calendar for your most crucial tasks, regardless of how big they are. You can schedule several in one appointment for convenience.