How Small Projects Work

As you complete each project step, you re-process the task, choosing a new next action and adjusting contexts and dates. Only mark it complete when the entire project is finished. This way, projects can’t stall and your weekly reviews are as short as possible.

Small, Unshared Projects

With Donedesk, you use in-line project management for typical projects, so no additional orphan protection is needed. It is automatic.

Large or Shared Projects

Donedesk notifies you automatically in your Work Stream (Response Needed) when you have no assigned next step in a workspace.

When you get an alert like this, do one of the following:

  • Click the workspace title to open the workspace.
    • Mine one of the steps (assign to yourself).
    • Mark the workspace as Completed (top menu) if you are done. This only marks it as completed for you. Others will see your picture at the top of the workspace with a green checkmark, which means that you think you are finished with your part.
  • Or click OK in the Work Stream to dismiss the alert. You will not be notified further until the workspace status changes again.

Extra Weekly Review Step (Optional but Helpful)

During your weekly review, you can quickly skim the list of active workspaces to see if any are stalled. This should take 30 seconds or less:

  • At top right, click your picture and choose Manage Workspaces.
  • Sort the list by Action date by clicking that column.
  • If a project workspace should be active but it has not been updated in a long time, click it to open and assign a next step to yourself (and maybe others).

Add it to Your Calendar

If you like this approach, add this step to your weekly review appointment note, in your calendar.