Donedesk is a social task and project management system. It:

“Nobody to Delegate to?”

Not true. You delegate every day without realizing it. You can delegate “down,” “up,” “with,” “across,” and “for.” In all cases, you need a way to manage it automatically, which is where Donedesk really pulls the load for you. See: Nobody to Delegate To? Think Again.

  • Connects your work to the people you work with,
  • Encourages you to delegate more,
  • Tracks, reminds, and follows up automatically,
  • Reports back to your boss for you when you’re done,
  • Handles assignments to groups or individuals,
  • Supports unlimited redelegation,
  • Keeps everyone’s lists straight,
  • Integrates with and reduces your email by keeping discussions connected to tasks,
  • Never loses track.

Task and project requests go to your team members’ email or task list, and assignments you accept appear on your lists. Assignment tracking, discussion, follow-up, and reporting back are all automatically managed by Donedesk.

Donedesk was designed with TRO and GTD in mind, so setup is minimal. In fact, Donedesk makes things so easy that in a 7-hour TRO coaching session, the core training is completed a full hour earlier. This lets the coach move on to advanced training, optimization, and business coaching that non-Donedesk users don’t normally receive.

Donedesk Is Free (Premium Coming)

Donedesk is and will always be free, so you can delegate to anyone without forcing them to pay. Premium plans are coming, but the free features you now enjoy will remain free (for you) forever.