Acquired by Yahoo!

Astrid was acquired by Yahoo! in May of 2013, apparently to obtain the development team for other projects. They are no longer fixing problems with it, so we had no choice but to un-recommend it.

We’re sorry to see Astrid go, because it was a good, lightweight collaboration tools that actually worked well for TRO with small groups.

Astrid is a powerful but easy-to-use task manager for iOS, Android, and the web.

Astrid is ideal for small group, social task management. It’s easy interface is perfect for personal tasks, but it also handles task delegation and tracking, automated follow-up, task discussions that are attached to the tasks, and automatic voice transcription. It’s a great mix of power and flexibility where you need personal task management AND task delegation and visibility AND your people may use different mobile devices.

Pardon Our Dust: Astrid Training is in Beta!

At Priacta, we do things in an “agile” manner, which means:

  • It must not be perfect at first (though it should be good).
  • Release it quickly, for real people to use, and
  • Keep improving it rapidly, based on real feedback.

Expect great results from this training, and also expect steady improvements: more screen shots, more details in advanced topics, maybe a few adjustments in methodology. Astrid is changing too, so we’ll make changes to keep this training up-to-date. You’ll retain access to your Astrid TRO training even after you finish, so you can refer back.

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