We are constantly expanding TRO Online Training with step-by-step instructions for the latest productivity tools. However, if your task list tool is not yet tested and supported by this training system, you are still in luck. This training will teach you the principles of TRO as they apply to any appropriate task list. Armed with this information, you can tailor most tools to give you full control of your time and tasks.

Caution: not all task lists are TRO-capable. To give you better control, TRO requires more from your tools than basic GTD, Franklin-Covey, or other traditional approaches. Here are a few of the basic requirements for a TRO task list:

  • Multiple categories, tags, contexts, or similar groupings. Folders may work, but you need to be able to see your tasks in a single list that spans the folders, and the task must be assignable to a multiple folders and/or other groupings at the same time.
  • Multiple date fields, or a date plus a priority field. You also need to be able to keep your lists sorted by date or priority.
  • A Notes field or a Project Name field. This is important for tracking multiple steps in your larger tasks and projects.

There are more requirements, but these are the big ones. We’ll discuss the others as you move through the training. See TRO Requirements for a complete picture.