You should know how to print your task list, even if you have a good mobile device or planner, since even the best ones fail or get lost.

When On The Road

If you will be without a mobile device, use paper printouts to stay focused on the road. Print your Do Today list and mark it up. Also print out context lists you may need (like Errands and Calls). Drop it in the Inbox for processing when you return.

Hints for Using Printed Lists on the Road

If you print lists for the road, make notes on the lists as you use them. Mark completed items and next steps. When you return to the office, this list goes into the Inbox for processing. When you process it, you will update the tasks using these notes. You need to process these lists promptly, or you will have two task lists and tasks will slip through the cracks.

Using Your Mobile Calendar Instead

If printing is inconvenient, you can use your daily calendar for today’s tasks. Schedule tasks into your calendar from the Do Today list. Spread them throughout the day, leaving buffer time, and work entirely from your calendar that day. This does not replace your regular task list, but it keeps you on track when you’re on the road.