To print a list of all (or some) tasks in Outlook:

  1. If the view has multiple categories, and you want to print just one or two:
    1. If the view isn’t already grouped by Category, Add a Group By box to group by Category.
    2. Open the category you need to print by clicking the [+] symbol in the category header.
  2. Select the items you need by highlighting the first item, then holding down Shift while dragging the mouse or arrowing over the rest of the tasks in the list. (If you have trouble with this, hit the Tab key while you’re in the first item, then it should work.)
  3. You can select an entire group by Ctrl+clicking the group header.
  4. While hovering over the selected tasks, click the right mouse button and select Print, or select File, Print from the main menu.
  5. Choose the Table Style print style. (Don’t use the Calendar: Tri-Fold style; it prints the wrong tasks.)
  6. Choose the option to print Only the Selected Rows.
  7. Print it.