Create Your Templates List

Create a Tag called TEMPLATE.

Creating Templates

Here are the steps for making and using templates:

  • Create the Template. Create a task with a good name, followed by the first step:

New Prospect / Record info in contacts list

  • Next Steps. Enter the full list of next steps as task notes. Enter them in roughly the order you need to do them:

Follow-up call or email
Determine needs and interests
Prepare custom information packet
Ask John to review/send packet
W/F client acknowledge packet (call if no response)

Using Templates

The next time you need to perform this project:

  • Click (left pane).
  • Click TEMPLATE.
  • Duplicate the task.
  • Change the title so it is specific to this particular project:

Trevor Smith / Record info in contacts list

  • Process the task/project, set a date for the next step, and remove the Templates tag.
  • When the first step is completed, you will re-process normally. All other steps in that project are poised and ready for their turn.