Creating Templates

Here are the steps for making and using templates:

Create the Template. Create a task or notebook item with a good name, followed by the first step:

New Prospect / Record info in contacts list

Next Steps. Enter the full list of next steps in the body of the task or notebook item. Enter them in roughly the order you need to do them:

Follow-up call or email
Determine needs and interests
Prepare custom information packet
Ask John to review/send packet
W/F client acknowledge packet (call if no response)

Using Templates

The next time you need to perform this project, switch to the Templates list or notebook, copy that task or note title, and use it to create a new task. Change the title so it is specific to this particular project:

Trevor Smith / Record info in contacts list

Next, highlight and copy the notes (all the steps) and paste them into the new task notes field.

Then, process the task/project, set a date for the next step, Be sure to remove the Templates flag if you are copying from a template task.

When the first step is completed, you will re-process normally. All other steps in that project are poised and ready for their turn.

Note: If you see the template tasks in your normal lists, your task list filters, if supported, should be updated to exclude the Templates context (the way they may already exclude Someday/Maybe or other attributes).