Press Ctrl+N to create a new task in ToDoList and quickly type a name for the task in the blank Task field. (You can also press the green “+” at the top of ToDoList.) Add any relevant notes in the Comments box (should be on the right side of ToDoList). Include such things as phone numbers, important dates, where you filed supporting materials, etc.

Check Your Settings

Triaging and collecting this way only works correctly if you have the correct settings:

  1. Ctrl+N shortcut creates a New Task at Bottom.
  2. By default, new tasks have the status, Unprocessed.
  3. By default, new tasks don’t have a Priority, Start Date, or Due Date.

These settings make project steps appear as separate tasks and help you identify unprocessed tasks amid the rest of your task list.

These settings and others are set when you download and import the TRO settings file into ToDoList. You can see a complete list of important settings in the ToDoList setup instructions.