Your Calendar Needs Recurring Appointments

Make sure your calendar supports recurring (repeating) appointments and learn how to use that feature. It must allow appointments to repeat by day of the week (one or more), weekly, every X weeks, monthly, and by day (date) of the month, including such options as “the last Friday of every month.”

Make sure you set appointment reminders for all of your recurring appointments. They need to be honored like any other appointment.

To create a recurring appointment in your calendar program:

  1. Create a new appointment. You can usually do this by clicking and dragging on the entire appointment time, or double-clicking or right-clicking on the time you want the appointment to start, or both.
  2. Adjust the length of the appointment to fill the full block of time you wish to plan for.
  3. Make the appointment a recurring appointment so that it will show up regularly as needed. Choose Daily, Weekly, or Monthly, and days of the week that you want to block appear.
  4. Name the Subject of the appointment appropriately (Ex: “Work” for a strategic calendar appointment or “Call Sue 555-1212” for a normal appointment).
  5. Include any notes needed for the appointment. You can paste web pages here, attach files, whatever you need.