Here’s how to create a recurring appointment in Google Calendar:

  1. Pick a time for the appointment to begin.
    1. Click and drag to highlight the entire length of the appointment. (NOTE: make sure the entire appointment time is visible before you start dragging, otherwise Google Calendar will not highlight the entire appointment time.)
    2. Type in a name for the new appointment (Ex: “Work” for a strategic calendar appointment, or “Call sue 555-1212” for a regular appointment).
    3. Choose the correct Calendar in the pop-up list (Ex: “John Crenshaw (Work)” for a strategic calendar appointment, or “John Crenshaw” for a regular appointment). Make sure you do not assign regular appointments into the strategic calendar.
    4. Click the link: “Edit event details”.
  2. In the event details do the following:
    1. Confirm that the start and end times are correct.
    2. Set the appointment to Repeat… by checking the box.
    3. Choose the repeat options.
      • If this does not give you the exact days you would like the appointment to repeat on, you’ll need to create multiple appointments and set them to repeat weekly (Ex: Mon and Thurs).
    4. Fill in Location or Description (notes) if needed.
    5. Add an appointment reminder (UNLESS it is a strategic calendar appointment).
    6. Click Save at the very bottom of the page.