Recurring tasks can be handled in one of two ways:

  • Automatic recurring tasks. Change a task into a recurring task by:
    • Select the Repeat or Recurring option for a recurring task (the name varies).
    • Choose Every X days, weeks, months, or whatever the options are.
    • Sometimes you can choose whether the repeated task happens on a fixed schedule reagrdless of completion date (like “Take out the trash for garbage day”) or choose to repeat the task from the last completion date (like “Get haircut.”)
    • When you complete the task, mark it as completed and the task repeats automatically.
  • Manual repeating tasks. You can repeat tasks manually. Use this if your task manager doesn’t have reliable repeating task support:
    • Create a task normally.
    • At the very end of the task name, add: (REPT). This reminds you that the task repeats.
    • When you complete the task, don’t mark it as completed. Instead, re-process it and give it new smart dates for the next occurrence.

The manual method is easy enough that you might want use it all the time—even if your task manager supports recurring tasks.