Tasks leave your Unprocessed Tasks list automatically or manually, depending on your task manager.

Automatic Options

When properly configured for TRO, most task managers automatically remove processed tasks from the Unprocessed Tasks list. Typical methods include:

  • TRO Unprocessed Tasks view or equivalent. This is ideal if the task manager is TRO-aware. Tasks stay in the Unprocessed list until they are fully processed. Ideally, they should also appear in your other lists even when they are not yet processed.
  • Custom view. This is ideal, since a task won’t leave the Unprocessed Tasks view until you fully process it. Create a smart view that looks for:
    • (marked as complete or Someday/Maybe or Template) or (Major context and (soft date or Do Today))
    • OR: as many of the above options as your task manager supports.
  • Major context only. For some task managers, “no major context” means the task is not yet processed. This doesn’t check for soft dates and other processing characteristics. You will need to set a major context for your Someday/Maybe tasks.
  • Soft date only. Soft dates are always required in TRO, so some task managers consider a task processed when you set the soft date. This does not check for major categories, and you may need to set a soft date on Someday/Maybe tasks.

Manual Options

If the task list can’t do it automatically, you’ll need a separate list or status to manage unprocessed tasks. Make sure tasks normally go into that status or list, and make sure you know what to change to make the task leave the list. Options include:

  • Inbox. Incoming items go to an Inbox, and you can move items out of the Inbox to your list of “Active” tasks.
  • Unprocessed or Inactive Status. Items come in to a special status, like “Unprocessed.”. You change the status to “Active” or equivalent when you process the task.
  • Special list. You create a special named list for your Unprocessed Tasks. Put incoming items there, move them out when you process.

Manual options are not ideal, since they add a processing step, but it may be worth it to keep using your favorite task list for TRO.