Reporting Back on Assignments

“Report Back” Means

R/B means: “Tell them it is done, and give them the deliverables or details.”

When you first receive the assignment, immediately add a Report Back (“R/B”) step as the last step of the project, so you will get back to them when it is done. Put it in the Notes or project steps, depending on your task manager. “R/B” counts as the verb when naming tasks or next actions.

For example:

Production Plan – Create corporate report

has a last step of:

R/B to Julie, give her report

When to Report Back?

Don’t report back the instant it is done unless it is urgent. Report in a regular meeting by using a meeting context or 1-1 context. This demonstrates a higher level of initiative and prevents needless interruptions. (See Management Time: Who’s Got the Monkey? mid-article.)

If you report back regularly, you’ll lift huge weight from your bosses’ shoulders and be seen as highly reliable.