“Report Back” Means

R/B means: “Tell them it is done, and give them the deliverables or details.”

R/B is automatic

Trello notifies whenever an action is made on a card (i.e: task is moved to another column
or a minor context is added)

Reporting Back on Assignments

Assignments received (cards with your face) could be found in the Waiting For column (3rd from the left).

  1. In Trello, Reporting Back is automatic.
  2. Process assigned tasks normally.
  3. Move tasks between columns as they progress through their life cycle (i.e: Work in Progress, Done – Verify (when completed), or Waiting For).

When to Report Back?

Report in a regular meeting by using a meeting context or 1-1 context. This demonstrates a higher level of initiative and prevents needless interruptions.