Create an Unprocessed Smart List in Remember the Milk:

  • Copy the following text:
((priority:none) OR (isTagged:false)) AND status:incomplete NOT tag:sm NOT tag:templates
  • Click the search field (top menu).
  • Paste the text in (top menu).
  • Press Enter.
  • Click (right pane).
  • Enter Unprocessed List (pop-up).
  • Click (pop-up).

Setup Advanced Sorting:

  • Click Unprocessed List (left pane, under Smart Lists).
  • Click (top middle, next to ).
  • Click Sort by advanced, then New….
  • Change sort by to: Added date, then Descending.
  • Click .

Your Unprocessed List will show any task that has not been scheduled and given a context. You will refer to this view every time you want to process your tasks.