Update the OS

Make sure your Android phone is set up, working, and updated to the most recent version of the Android OS. The safest way to do this is to call your carrier’s service center where trained technicians can determine the best way to update your phone.

There are two kinds of updates. One is a software update for your current version of Android OS. This includes bug fixes, security updates, etc. and is always a good idea.

The second kind is an upgrade to a new version of Android. (From Froyo to Gingerbread or Gingerbread to Ice Cream Sandwich.) This is rare and may require you to visit your carrier’s repair center. 

Back Up First!

Warning: Upgrading your phone’s operating system may delete your text message history, wipe out your contacts, and delete all installed programs. (If you paid for apps, you will be able to re-download them at no cost after the update.) Any information on your SD card (such as music or pictures) will be saved as will all contacts synchronized with your Google account. Before updating, make sure all critical information has been backed up to another location.

Why upgrade if it deletes your old programs and contacts? Newer apps only work with newer versions of the Android OS. Upgrading the OS now ensures that you do not need to upgrade it later. Upgrading before you set up your phone for TRO ensures that your setup lasts as long as possible. Most of your phone’s data are stored online. Contacts and email should easily re-sync after the update so long as you were using the default Google contact manager and email. After upgrading, you will need to re-install any programs you were using.

If you have questions or concerns about upgrading your OS, talk to your carrier’s technical support team to assess whether or not an upgrade would be helpful for you.

Remaining Setup

  1. Install the add-on software you selected (task list, calendar, others, if any).
  2. Configure the add-on software you just installed (if any).
  3. Set up or choose the TRO views for your device or add-on apps.

When you are done, your Android should be completely ready for TRO training.