To create an appointment, just open your Outlook calendar, double-click on an open time slot, name the appointment, and set the duration.

When you record appointments, follow these special TRO rules to budget your time effectively:

  • Name. Appointment names should match the context or person. Include the phone number if you will be calling.
  • Full Duration. Allocate the full time, including travel time (in a separate box).
  • Use Free/Busy/Tentative.
    • Busy: Normal appointments.
    • Tentative: Possible commitments. (“I can meet at 3 or 5 pm, which one works best?” Schedule both in Tentative status until one is confirmed.)
    • Free: Advisory only. (“Spouse at park w/kids.”)
  • Set Reminders. Always set appointment alarms or reminders. (This helps you honor your appointments.)
  • Recurring. If the appointment repeats, always make it a recurring appointment.
  • Categorize. Give the appointment a context and/or color. (ONLY for strategic calendar items and task managers that recommend tasks based on your Outlook appointments.)