Someday/Maybe should be a quick and easy option to use. Designating a task as Someday/Maybe should make it fully processed with no further action on your part (depending on your task list). However, you should still be able to assign contexts to Someday/Maybe tasks if you want. It should appear in its own list and NOT in most other lists (exceptions: Do Today, Recent Tasks).

Possible Someday/Maybe options are:

  • Low Priority or Special Priority. This only works if you are not already using Priority for the soft date, or if there is a special priority you can reserve for Someday/Maybe status.
  • A special Soft Date. Some task lists give you a way to choose “Someday” as a loose date.
  • A special Folder or Named List. This work best if there is some way to see all active tasks across all folders or lists. If not, you can use a folder or list for Someday/Maybe, but you will not be able to see Someday/Maybe tasks with other tasks of the same context.
  • A special category or tag. This works the same as a Folder or Named List (above) and has the same requirements, but it only works if multiple categories/tags per task are supported (because you will also need to use tags/categories as contexts).

Whatever method you choose, you need a separate Someday/Maybe view that only shows Someday/Maybe tasks, and you should have a filter or other way of suppressing Someday/Maybe tasks from the context views. You will use this during your quick monthly reviews.