Why Start with “!” or “$”?

If you start a context with “!” or “$”, it appears at the top of your category lists. This reminds you to tag and work on strategic tasks.

Create a new context called “!MPA” and assign it to any tasks that contribute directly to your most profitable activities. Trog will help you to focus on your MPAs before you worry about other tasks.

  1. Pull out Trog Bar.
  2. Go to the Options screen (click the [+] near upper right corner).
  3. In Categories & Contacts, click in the text field next to the 20/80 or Best Result button and type “!MPA”.
  4. Click on the 20/80 or Best Result button. Scroll through the list and checkmark other categories that represent your MPAs, if any. (Ex: Client Calls, Networking, Sales Visits, etc.)

Categories marked as any 20/80 or Best Result category will get a boost on your task list, quietly keeping you focused on the things that make you most productive. To identify a task as one of your MPAs, put it in one of your MPA categories or add MPA as a context for the task.

Remember also to use hard dates only for tasks that must be done on a specific day or bad things will happen. If you follow this rule, your Do Today list will be shorter, so you will have more time to work on your Most Profitable Activities.