Create a new tag called “@mpa” and make a Smart List for it. Any tasks that qualify as one of your Most Profitable Activities should be tagged as an MPA.

If you already have a tag that represents an MPA, you can add the entire group to your MPA list by going to the Settings page, clicking the Lists tab, selecting the list, and changing the search parameters. Add “OR Tag:[name of tag]” to the end of the search terms.

Work from this MPA list as often as you can. Reduce the number and length of non-MPA appointments and tasks. When you are working from your task list, look to your MPAs before you look to your prioritized tasks.

Remember to use hard dates (Due Date) only for tasks that must be done on a specific day or bad things will happen. If you follow this rule, your Do Today list will be shorter, so you will have more time to work on your Most Profitable Activities.