Make an action context called MPA and assign strategic tasks to it. When you process tasks, ask yourself if it fits into one of your Most Profitable Areas. If it does, add this tag. Resist the temptation to use your MPA marker for all stressful tasks. If it isn’t a Most Profitable Activity, don’t assign MPA to it.

Work from your MPA list as often as you can. Reduce the number and length of non-MPA appointments. While triaging, use the question “Is this in keeping with my vision and values?” to reject tasks that don’t fit in your MPAs. Get good at delegating or abdicating tasks that are not MPAs.

Remember also to use hard dates only for tasks that must be done on a specific day or bad things will happen. If you follow this rule, your Do Today list will be shorter, so you will have more time to work on your Most Profitable Activities.

To Add MPA (action context):

  • Click Labels (left pane).
  • Click (left pane).
  • Input MPA in the field.
  • Click , then select (pop up).
  • Click .