Caution Advised

Know what you are doing before a desktop (manual) sync, or you could lose your data. Back up first, and read all directions carefully. Get a Priacta coach or competent technical help on board if you are unsure.

Priacta Coaching: Email [email protected]

If you have a mobile device, syncing it reliably is essential if you need to work away from the office. Cutting corners here can leave you with no work visibility or corrupted data. Choose a mobile/task list/calendar combination that works well together, works well for TRO, and that meets your real needs, and you’ll feel relaxed control wherever you are.

Missing Your Mobile?

If you will be without a mobile device, use paper printouts to stay focused on the road. Print your Do Today list and mark it up. Also print out contexts you may need (like Errands and Calls). Drop it in the Inbox for processing when you return.

Your mobile device usually dictates which task list(s) you can use. Choose your mobile device carefully. Look in that section of the training for setup information to make it sync properly.

Sync your device often, and back up often. You want your calendar, email, and task lists to be current and safe. Sync when you leave your office, and sync when you get back.

Using Your Mobile Calendar for Tasks

If syncing tasks is inconvenient, you can use your daily calendar instead for today’s tasks. Schedule tasks into your calendar from the Do Today list. Spread them thoughout the day, leaving buffer time, and work entirely from your calendar that day. This does not replace your regular task list, but it keeps you on track when you’re on the road.