Mobile capabilities vary widely, and there are ways of seeing your tasks on the road even if you don’t have a smartphone. Some phones can’t synchronize tasks, or they restrict the number of task categories. See our recommendations on evaluating or choosing your mobile device.

To see your tasks on your desktop and you handheld, you need a good syncing option.

  • If your phone came with syncing software, install it and follow those instructions.
  • If not, do a quick Google search for “[brand of phone] sync”. This may turn up options for syncing different task lists. However, avoid e2Sync (highly questionable service reported) and SyncMate (does not sync tasks or categories).
  • The latest smartphones usually have good built-in Web browsers, so you can use an online task list over the Internet without syncing. It’s quite not as convenient, but it works.
  • You can also use your mobile calendar to see a mobile Do Today list away from the office.
  • Leave a comment below to tell everyone what phone you have, what sync option you found, and how it is working for you.

You can also do TRO via printouts, without a syncing tasks to your smartphone. If you ever work away from your desk, print out your Do Today list, make notes on it, and process the changes each day. Some people love this. Look for a task list with a tolerable print format.