The built-in task list for the Palm Pre, Pre 2, and Pixi is seriously limited. Consider getting TRO-capable add-on software for your Pre (or get a different smartphone). See Priacta’s list of TRO-capable apps at, and search for “Pre” in the appropriate area. Check the publisher’s Web site for instructions on syncing with desktop and online task lists.

Sync options for webOS devices are currently limited to Outlook, Entourage, and Toodledo. To check for new options, do a quick search: Let us know below if you find something new.

Fortunately, your webOS device has a good built-in Web browser, so you can use an online task list over the Internet. It’s not as convenient as installing an app, but it works.

You can also use your Palm calendar to see a mobile Do Today list away from the office.

It’s also possible to do TRO without a syncing smartphone. If you ever work away from your desk, print out your Do Today list, make notes on it, and process the changes each day. Some people love this. Look for a task list that has a tolerable print format. It doesn’t need to be fancy.