Never for Scheduling!

Never use task reminders to schedule tasks at specific times. If it needs to be done at a specific time, put it in your calendar with your other appointments. That’s what your calendar is for.

In Entourage, task reminders alert you to move certain tasks onto the Do Today list. Each morning during your daily review:

  • Look at all task reminders in the Office Reminders Window.
  • Set High priority on tasks you intend to do. This puts them on the Do Today list.
  • Open and reschedule tasks you won’t be able to do.
  • When done, your Reminders Window should contain no TASKS. (Appointment reminders are different, they are not dismissed until you honor the appointment.)

Appointment alarms are not dismissed until you honor each appointment.

Make sure you set up task reminders properly before using them.

On Mobile Devices

Even after you clear your reminders in Outlook, many mobile devices will still pop up reminders after you sync. There’s no way around this bug. Simply dismiss all reminders on your mobile device when they appear.