Your Do Today list instantly shows you only your “must do” items: bad things might happen if you don’t do these tasks today. For most of these, the hard date has arrived.

The Do Today list gets filled in: 1) manually, as you move items into the Do Today list by flagging them as Do Today, and 2) automatically, when the hard date arrives.

Correct processing and and daily reviews will keep your Do Today list short and sweet.

Re-Process Your Do Today Tasks

Since you add items to the Do Today list by changing the hard date, some tasks end up with hard dates that don’t otherwise need them. So, any time you decide that a task doesn’t belong on your Do Today list, re-process it and remove the hard date (unless bad things may happen when the date passes).

This is important. Do not over-use hard dates, or you will start to feel overwhelmed by your lists.