The Do Today list must be a distinct list or view, and it must show only active tasks where: 1) the hard date has arrived, and/or 2) you specifically flagged it as Do Today. Options are:

  • Automatic. (Optional, preferred.) Tasks get moved automatically to the Do Today list when the hard date arrives. This depends on the capabilities of your task list and which field you use for your hard date. However, you will still validate this list quickly in your daily review. Example:
    • Due Date. Many lists automatically show you “due or overdue” tasks in their own list. This becomes your Do Today list. (You will need to use the Due Date as the hard date.)
  • Manual. (Always required.) You need to be able to add a Do Today task instantly, processed or not, even if your list moves items automatically to the Do Today list. Do this by setting the Do Today indicator. Examples:
    • High Priority. You set the Priority field to High. (Your Do Today list is the list of High Priority tasks.)
    • Star. You “star” the task. (The Starred list is your Do Today list.)
    • Due Date. You set the Due Date to today. (The “due or overdue” list is your Do Today list. See also the Due Date automatic option above.)
  • Combination. (Required if there is no automatic option.) You get an automatic reminder or list, but you use this to flag items as Do Today. Examples:
    • Reminder Date and Alarm. You set the Reminder Date as the hard date, and you set the Reminder Alarm. The alarm tells you to flag the task as Do Today.
    • Hotlist. The task list includes a hotlist of some kind. In your daily review, you scan this list and manually flag the right tasks as Do Today.

You want your Do Today view to be easy to access, with a single click, without defining search terms each time.