Have you come to the end of your day and wondered: “What did I accomplish?” Here’s how to track it.

When you complete a next step or take an action on a task or project, enter the date in the notes field and cut and paste the text from the next step, like this:

Insert After Next Steps

History entries like this should appear after any next steps you keep at the top of the notes field. Separate steps from history with a blank line for readability.

8/7/11: Asked Bob to compile the sales figures

8/6/11: Decided in sales meeting to compare last months figures from eastern regions

Note that each date ends with a COLON (:). This makes it easy to search for all tasks/steps you completed on a certain date. The colon is important because it distinguishes these history dates from other dates you might enter in the Notes.

Also, notice that the most recent entry is always entered on top. This lets you read and enter recent history without scrolling to the bottom.

Press the “y” key to jump to the notes of the highlighted task. You may want to add separate notes for next actions and work history.

To review what you did on a certain day, just search for tasks that have the date followed by a colon in your active and completed task lists.