TRO requirements are flexible. There is more than one way for task managers to support TRO features.

Here is the complete list of TRO functionality. Hover over each to see how your task manager handles these features:

The following are required for TRO:

  • Projects
  • Next steps
  • Soft dates
  • Hard dates
  • Do Today flag
  • Someday/Maybe flag
  • Contexts
  • Multiple contexts per task
  • Context views
  • Unprocessed tasks list
  • Hotlist
  • Do Today list
  • Weekly Review list
  • Someday/Maybe list
  • Notes field

(Optional.) The following are valuable extras to look for. If your task manager doesn’t have an important feature listed here, TRO training will show you how to get these benefits anyway. These include:

  • Automatic delegation
  • Automatic meeting agendas
  • Orphaned project protection
  • Different types of contexts
  • Master contexts list
  • Follow-up status
  • Automatic follow-up
  • Deadline dates
  • Recurring tasks
  • Create appointments for tasks
  • Create tasks from email
  • Print your task list
  • Prioritize today’s tasks
  • Completed task history
  • Recent Tasks list
  • Search for tasks
  • Task reminders
  • Hotkeys
  • Templates
  • Large project support
  • Sortable or customizable task list