Your Unprocessed Tasks list shows you all tasks you entered in Outlook but have not yet processed. When you add new tasks, they should always show up here.

To see the Unprocessed Tasks list, go to the Tasks view and select Unprocessed as the current view. Your Unprocessed view does not need to be open for you to collect to it.

Collecting to your Unprocessed list is easy. Just begin typing a description of the task or project on the line that says “Click here to add a new task.” You can also press Ctrl+N in the Tasks screen to open a new task window (this is more convenient when you need to add notes to a task).

Processing the list is exactly as taught in the Processing lessons, except the tasks are already in the Unprocessed Tasks list. No need to triage. Follow the Processing Flow Chart to move these tasks from your Unprocessed Tasks (a collection point) into your task list (not a collection point). You are really only doing three things:

  • Deciding what the project and next steps are (if you haven’t already done so).
  • Scheduling the task for later.
  • Assigning contexts for this particular step.