“Waiting For” List?

NO. David Allen’s GTD uses a “Waiting for” list, which actually works against you. In GTD you need a separate Waiting For list and a 1-hour weekly review or those W/F steps create stress. TRO smart dates and W/F steps eliminate those problems.

Delegated items are important and get special treatment in TRO. Whenever you assign something to someone, you must follow up. Follow-up steps (also called Waiting For (W/F) steps) make this easy, so you can start relying on others more:

  • Make the next step a follow-up step (a “W/F step”),
  • Finish processing normally, choosing smart dates for the follow up day and a 1-1 context.

Waiting For (W/F) steps stay out of your way until the right time, when you will be notified. This makes your weekly reviews much shorter without losing sight of assignments.