Following Up Using W/F Steps

W/F = Follow Up

W/F means “If I haven’t heard back, I’m going to follow up.” It counts as the verb when naming tasks or next actions.

Rename next action names to start with “W/F” if you are waiting for someone else. W/F stands for “waiting for,” and it counts as a verb. It is actually shorthand for: “If I haven’t heard back by [smart date], I’ll follow up.”

For example:

Production Plan / Ask Steve to prepare final report

When you DO this and actually delegate to Steve, change the task as follows:

Production Plan / W/F Steve to prepare final report

If You Hear Back Sooner

Most of the time people will report back sooner (especially when people see your TRO skills and know you will follow up). This is what you want! When they report back, immediately look it up in the 1-1 context list, re-process the task, and move to the next step. If you forget to do this, you will re-process when you are alerted.