Here are the steps for your weekly review:

  • Select your Weekly Review list. In Donedesk, this is the Neglected task view, visible in the All Tasks menu.
  • Sort the list by Smart Date (if needed) so that the oldest dates appear at the top.
  • Scan the list quickly, looking for neglected or out-of-place tasks:
    • If a task is getting “hot” and needs more attention, give it a hard date with an appropriate soft date. This is the main purpose of your weekly review.
    • If a task is already done, re-process or mark it as completed.
    • If a task is no longer important, set Someday/Maybe flag or delete it.
  • Make sure your large projects have live next steps (the steps are not all Someday/Maybe).
  • Glance over your calendar for the upcoming week. Just get a quick idea of what is coming up.