Here are the steps for your weekly review:

  1. Select your Weekly Review Smart List. It should be sorted by Priority, which is your soft date.
  2. Adjust soft dates as needed. (Move “2=next week” up to “1=this week,” “3=this month” up to “2=next week.”)
  3. See if you have a large number of “1=this week” tasks. If so, evaluate why. Do you need to change how you assign soft dates?
  4. Scan the list quickly, looking for neglected or out-of-place tasks:
    • If a task is getting “hot” and needs more attention, give it a hard date (Due Date) with an appropriate soft date (Priority: 1=this week, 2=next week, 3=this month). This is the main purpose of your weekly review.
    • If a task is already done, re-process or mark it as completed.
    • If a task is no longer important, set Someday/Maybe flag or delete it.
  5. If you have special large projects (no orphan protection):
    • Make sure all active large projects have live next steps.
  6. Glance over your calendar for the upcoming week. Just get a quick idea of what is coming up.