• Change your filters (top of ToDoList window) to show all tasks. Sort those tasks by Start Date by clicking the “Start Date” column. The oldest tasks should appear at the top.
  • Evaluate any tasks with a Start Date before today. Why haven’t you completed them? Are you procrastinating the task? Is it really a project? Do you have the right “next step”?
  • Re-process tasks as necessary.
  • In ToDoList, to perform a weekly review:

    • Bring up your weekly review list.
    • Look only at tasks with NO Due Date, at the bottom of the list.
    • Skim these tasks to see if any of them are heating up and need a hard date.
    • Assign Due Dates (hard dates) if bad things might happen.

    Special Instructions for Large Projects

    If your TRO system lacks orphan protection for any of your projects, add these steps to your weekly review. (This is rare.)

    • Look at each project in your projects list.
    • Make sure each project has a live, scheduled next action.
    • If not, add one now.